Venice Beach

Venice Beach & Pier, Venice, FL

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Venice Beach & Pier
Venice, Florida

We started our adventure at Venice Public Beach (101 The Esplanade N, Venice, FL 34285). I was first welcomed by the snack bar and seating area.

Venice Beach snack Venice Beach snack, Florida

As I walked on to the beach, I was greeted by very hot sand, and a steep slope down to the water. The slope was several feet deep and could be difficult carrying a small child back up the slope. I also noticed there were two types of sand; one type on top of the slope, and one type near the water. I later found out they shipped in sand due to erosion.

Venice Beach, FloidaVenice Beach, FL

The gray sand was on top of the slope, and very hot. The bottom sand, near the water, was warm to the touch.

Venice, FL

 The water was a very clear, and a beautiful shade of green.

The beach was nearly empty, which I loved!


Next we went to the Venice Pier (1600 Harbor Dr S, Venice, FL 34285) where we were greeted by a mermaid.

Venice, FL

The water was a tropical green color, and the sand was a light brown color. I did not see a second type of sand, so erosion must not be a problem on this part of the beach.

Venice, FL

The Venice Pier is a great place to search for sharks teeth. Venice is the “Shark Tooth Capital of the World“, and the pier is a hot spot! Now, you’ll probably not find teeth just by walking the beach, you’ll need to dig a little. You may want to head to a CVS, Walgreens, or tourist shop and pick up a sand/shell scooper. You can find them for roughly $5.00, and they really help you scoop up shells and teeth. Hunting Fossil Shark Teeth In Venice, Florida is a highly rated book that gives you tips and trick to find shark’s teeth in Venice.


As we walked the pier, we were greeted by a beautiful bird hoping a fisherman would throw him a fish.

Venice, FL

And if you’re hungry, grab a bite to eat at Sharky’s on the Pier restaurant. They have indoor and outdoor seating. The food was good and prices were average for a tourist destination. They had everything from seafood to chicken strips.

Venice, FL

Venice, FL

I really enjoyed my time in Venice, I hope you will too!